Sunday, 28 November 2010

My new cosmetic brush set

It's 25 pieces, silver, and i love it.
Can you guess yet?
My new makeup brush set! Yaaaaay!

There is literally every brush under the sun in this set, there are even two huge fan ones which i have no idea what their purpose is. Anyone know?
I've had this set for around a month now, there wasnt a point when i went to get the door and there was the postman with my wonderful brush set. No, instead, it was when my sister (who was ordering things like hiking poles for her trip to South America and getting them sent to our house. This sister was also visiting to collect said things and see us) was  opening up all of her stuff and she just looked up and was like 'Oh...?' and she handed it over and it was my brushes. The mail man had elastic-banded her hiking poles with my brush set because it had the same address on it. This was when the realisation hit that they arrived a week earlier, i had been waiting unnessacarily. Not to worry, they make up for it! The brushes are so. so. SO soft! They are very high quality, comparable to MAC brushes for a fraction of the price. The set was about the same price as one MAC brush would be.

Here is what is included : Eyebrow comb/brush duo, mascara wand, eyebrow brush, one of those foam eyeshadow brushes, a lip brush, 3 different sized tiny eyeshadow brushes, a flat brush (small), a medium small eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, a medium fan brush (no idea what its for/called) a medium flat brush, a large flat eyeshadow brush, a small, medium and regular sized concealer brushes, an angled concealer brush, a foundation brush, an angled contour brush, a blush brush, a big face brush and an even bigger face brush. Then there is a small eyeshadow brush which you can take apart and another huge fan brush. There is even a spare pocket for you to put clips or whatever in. I put disposable foam eyeshadow brushes in there (:
The set can be purchased from
It's a Fraulein set