Sunday, 19 December 2010

It's Snow Cold!

Okay, that was soooo cheesy! But where i live, its been freezing cold, and soo icy on the roads and stuff that you'd be afraid you would fall! No one wants to drive anywhere because they'll slip, they dont want to walk anywhere because they'll slip! One thing i am delighted about though, is the SNOW! Now I am from London and when we used to live in london it would always always snow every single christmas, and i loved it. But when we moved down to Devon where i live now (riiight on the coast! I can see the sea from my shopping centres car park) it doesnt snow every year because of the wind from the sea or whatever, so when it does i loveloveloveLOVE it! Its been snowing every day, a lot of the time it snows more than once in the day but it has started just snowing over night. What is the snow like where you live? Do you like it? Do you wish you had more or less?