Wednesday, 13 October 2010

GHD's Are a Godsend. Turn bad hair days into great hair days!

Its Autumn again, and that means that beachy waves are out! Before April, my old hair straigteners took a solid 3 hours to straighten my hair. Yes my hair is thick, and yes it is long but this seems completely ridiculous and unacceptable! So, i got some GHD's and now, i can straighten my hair in twenty minutes (provided it's already dry, of course) Now i personally love the look of superstraight hair, and as most people know by now, GHD's do exactly that. They straighten it as well as defrizzing it. It makes the hair totally flat, as opposed to big and not-flat-at-all. Mine were around £98 on, they are the 5th edition black thin plate ghd's (normal ones, not the tiny or salon flat ones) But if you want limited edition ones they are going to be more. The new ones are lighter than the older ones, which seems odd as the old ones were light to begin with! Anywhere, no one cares about the 10 gram difference between them, fact is they are ah-ma-zing and every. single. female. should have some. If you love your hair straight then i most definately recommend them!